Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Way to long

  It's been way to long. Wayyy too long. But, I've got plenty of fishing and hunting in me and plenty to write about. Camping trips, beers around fires, and boats sinking quickly.  My partner in trout crime, Dad, caught some real monsters. We didn't get any deer yet this year, hunting archery and rifle here in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We should stick to the streams.

 Being December, my fall fishing exploits are all but over with. We had a great fall. I should have posted more, but going back to school really took up a lot of time to type. Dad and I hit the streams strong though, catching some great trout along the way. One trip in particular, to our favorite spot, led to what could quite possibly be our best day of trouting ever. Using some minnows we kicked before we got to the stream, Dad and I caught what seamed like lunker after lunker brownie. Til finally we were out of minnows and beers.

 I also missed the catch of my life. We were camping at a state parl not to far from here and decided to fish a stream we haven't fished in years. It was a slow day. The water was murky and running fast. It had snowed a few inches a day prior. With little luck I made my way upstream. In waders full of cold water. My waders decided they had seen enough after three long seasons. The shock came as I was fishing an undercut bank. What felt like a light hit turned out to be a monster Rainbow. He fought for some time. As I got him out of the water, I was holding onto him to take pictures, this was the biggest trout I had ever caught. While reaching for my camera, and stringer (he would have been making his way to the taxidermist.) I dropped him... Right into the moving water below. I was in a cut of water below the bank. It was to high to ground the trout. Most disappointing trout story of my life. Needless to say I said a few swear words around the campfire that night.

 I'll start off with some pictures and add some more soon. I'll be in Florida over the holidays and I'm taking my gear down, hopefully I'll have some pics of some monster southern fish for you.

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