Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 I'm waiting for fall. The summer is great, the bass fishing is fun, but I'm ready for late September, October, and November. I'm ready for the fall trout season. It's by far my favorite. Less people on the creeks, the leaves changing colors, the trout are a bit harder to catch, it all makes for a great time. I've been in love with fall trout fishing since I was a kid. While everyone else is out trying to get a buck, or a turkey, I'm on the creek, alone. What a great feeling. The days of spring with crowded streams, and the summer days of small mouth are coming to an end. And I absolutely love it.

 It's been over a month since I posted, and I feel bad, but I haven't done any fishing really. My boat sprung a leak, and I started back school again. But I'll be going in the coming weeks and posting more and more.

 Thanks for reading.

 Oh, I did find some time to explore a local stream, take a look at the pics below. The first set is the river from the Lancaster side, the last four are of the stream I wandered with my fishing gear.

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