Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cigars, Fish, and Beer

  Today I finally got out on the water.  I was going nuts. If you've read this blog before you know that all I want to do is fish. All the time. Today my wife wanted to go hiking, so I added I'd like to fish. She hiked the lake while I fished the spillway below the dam. All I used was my St. Croix ultralight set up and a white rooster tail. Not much action. I caught what seemed like a hundred sunnies and blue gills. But with that came a decent sized bass and a Crappie. All in all for being 90 degrees it was nice being on the creek. The water was bath warm so I knew it would be nearly impossible to catch any trout. Along the way I had a beer or two and enjoyed a nice cigar. My old man was going to meet me, but he had some other plans/

  Well. Thursday the wife and I are heading up north to see my Mom and hang out at her bar, The Black Forest Inn, in Lycoming County Pa. It's the chili cook off weekend and it's always a blast. Friday we're waking up super early and we're walking a few mountain streams along my families hunting camp with our fly gear. More updates later. Good Fishing.

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