Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where are all the trout?

  My dad and I hit a creek that's sort of new to us Friday. We fish the upper reaches of this creek about once or twice a week when the fishing is good. The lower part was stocked until the late 70's and there for hold a good amount of native born trout. What I love most is that the average trout fisherman wouldn't even think of fishing a stream that hasn't been stocked, which leaves the creek relatively open for Pop and me to roll through catching fish all day.

  Well, we walked in down past an awesome looking swimming hole and the hit was on. I was catching Rock Bass, Red Eyes, Perch, Carp, and some Blue Gils. My biggest fish was a great rock bass I caught on my Ultralight St. Croix. I love catching and playing great big fish on that set up. It takes patience, you can't just rip the fish to you like the bass "pros".

  The water was beautiful and looked very much like it could hold a great deal of trout. I'm sure there in there, but we didn't have any luck. The trout in that creek are a bit finicky this time of year as well. I think if I floated a terrestrial I may have had better luck. But after catching upwards of 20 or so fish, the day was not all nil. Not by a long shot. Right before we decided to walk out, I found a fantastic hole where a nice feeder stream dumped in. There was an abandoned house back there covered in ivy, and a sketchy looking bridge. Too bad for me, Dad wanted to get out, I couldn't even drop a line in. I'll be back to that hole, believe it.

  That brings me to yesterday. We packed up the boat, the cooler, and headed to the lake. We got there, got everything unloaded and I realized I made a very bug mistake. I forgot the drain plug...

  Happy Fishing to you, and good luck.

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